Brexit: Import Controls

On 1st July 2022, there will be changes for businesses in Great Britain (GB) who import from the EU.

Please ensure you are taking steps to ensure compliance to these changes to prevent delays in the supply chain and increased cost from unnecessary non-compliances.

The key changes are outlined below and although impact all goods imports, these changes are particularly relevant of suppliers into our catering and landscaping businesses.

Safety & Security Declarations

From 1st July 2022 an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) will be required for all cargo prior to entry into GB, that is completed by the carrier.

Plants & Food

Plants/Plant Products, Animal Products, and High Risk Food not of Animal Origin

From July 2022 goods will be required to enter GB via an appropriate Border Control Post (BCP). The introduction of certification, documentary and physical checks at BCP will also be introduced.

Action Required

To prevent delays of goods being provided to Mitie, please ensure that the new import rules are understood and applied correctly in your organisation to ensure compliance to the changes and prevent delays and increased costs.

Please also consider holding additional stocks in GB to safeguard against delays in shipments as the new controls are launched and bedded in.

Visit and follow the step-by-step guide to prepare for import control changes.

For practical support with exporting your products, contact the Export Support Service online or by phone.

Please update your procurement lead with your plans and engage early and appropriately if you believe there to be a risk that requires close management with Mitie.