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I need help accessing the CSP?2022-04-20T10:13:58+00:00

If you need help with the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) then please email [email protected]

Are we able to send electronic invoices?2022-03-17T07:37:42+00:00

Yes, Coupa allows you to send electronic invoices.

In the UK electronic invoices legally hold the same value as the physical invoices.

How do I create an invoice?2022-03-17T07:39:20+00:00
  1. On the main menu, click on the Orders tab.
  2. If you are connected to more than one Coupa customer, select their name from the Select Customer dropdown menu.
  3. In the PO table that appears, choose the PO you want to invoice, and then click on the yellow coins to create an invoice.
Are there any other methods of invoicing if we are unable to use CSP or cXML?2022-03-17T07:37:30+00:00

As an alternative method of invoicing you can use SAN (Supplier Actionable Notification) or PDF by email but you need to make an agreement with Mitie.

Please be aware that the preferred method of invoicing is through the Coupa Supplier Portal.

How do I see my customer’s purchase orders?2022-03-17T07:39:31+00:00

On the main menu, click on the Orders tab.

If you are connected to more than one Coupa customer, select their name from the Select Customer dropdown menu

How do I create an invoice that isn’t backed by a purchase order?2022-03-17T07:39:11+00:00

You can’t submit invoices without a backing PO.

I only have a couple of invoices with Mitie per year, do I need to go through this process?2022-03-17T07:39:41+00:00

The preferred method of invoicing for Mitie is going to be through the CSP.

Where can I find payment information?2022-03-17T07:39:52+00:00

If your customer provided payment information, you can find it on the invoice.

Where do I register for the CSP?2022-03-17T07:40:55+00:00

You can request an invitation to join the CSP from [email protected]

Where do I sign in?2022-03-17T07:41:04+00:00

You can sign into the CSP at

How long does the registration process take?2022-03-17T07:41:19+00:00

The registration process takes less than 5 minutes.

Click on the link received in the invitation email and you fill in your name, company name and password.

How much does it cost to join and use the CSP?2022-03-17T07:44:19+00:00

Coupa doesn’t charge suppliers to use the Coupa Supplier Portal.

I have a small company. Will I be able to use the CSP?2022-03-17T07:41:36+00:00

Coupa Supplier Portal can be used by all organisations irrespective of their size. Suppliers only need internet access to register.

I supply more than one organisation. Will I need to go through this all over again for those organisations?2022-03-17T07:41:45+00:00

No, you do not need to create separate accounts for each customer. You just need to make sure you provide the same email address for all your customers when they will be sending you the invite.

What do I do if I am locked out of the CSP?2022-03-17T07:42:02+00:00

Forgotten passwords can be retrieved via the forgotten password link on the CSP portal, at the Login stage.

How do I add an employee/another user to the CSP account?2022-03-17T07:42:20+00:00
  1. On the main menu, click on the Admin tab.
  2. On the Users tab, click on the Invite User button.
  3. Provide the required information in the window that opens.
How do I update my banking information for direct deposits?2022-03-17T07:42:36+00:00

Your banking information is stored in your customer’s ERP system (i.e. SAP, Oracle, etc.), and not stored in Coupa.

Contact your customer directly with the updated information.

What training is provided?2022-03-17T07:42:49+00:00

You can find extensive training materials on the Coupa Supplier Portal site, after registering, by accessing the Online Help page. We have also posted Training Scripts relating to each module e.g. Sourcing and CLM to show how you interact with Mitie.

Can I use a different currency?2022-06-24T11:55:29+00:00

Please check the CSV Catalogue example “Currency” list and use the one closest to your requirements.

In case the currency you would like to use is not on the list, please contact our support team at: [email protected]

Can we use custom units of measure?2022-06-24T11:56:28+00:00

Please check the CSV Catalogue example “Units of Measure” list and use the one closest to your requirements.

In case none of the Units of Measures are close to what you need, please contact our support team at: [email protected].

Will I be able to make changes to the items once they are uploaded?2022-06-21T10:39:06+00:00

You will be able to make future changes to these items by completing the form with the updated information and we will upload it onto the portal.

Or you can update the items information using CSP (Coupa Supplier Portal).

Contact our support team at: [email protected].

Alcumus SafeContractor

How do I join SafeContractor?2022-03-08T13:40:34+00:00

You can join SafeContractor by:

How long does it take to become accredited?2022-03-09T09:48:13+00:00

The length of time required to complete the accreditation process depends on the membership package selected. The standard package and may take up to 4-6 weeks to complete.

Contact the SafeContractor team if you have any queries in completing and uploading your documentation.

I am being asked to join SafeContractor, but I am already a member of another SSIP provider, why do I need to join?2022-03-09T09:47:54+00:00

You have been asked to join SafeContractor specifically so that you will appear as a preferred supplier on our online portal and to help us track and manage all of our suppliers.

If you already have a SSIP membership this will entitle you to a discount with SafeContractor and vice versa.

What are the benefits of joining SafeContractor?2022-03-09T09:47:47+00:00

Many leading UK organisations recognise SafeContractor as their chosen health and safety partner and will only work with accredited suppliers, opening members up to more work opportunities.

  • When you become accredited you will appear on the SafeContractor client portal of approved suppliers, so more companies can choose you for work. On average SafeContractor accredited suppliers work with five big brand clients.
  • Once you are accredited you can save time and money when tendering for new work by simply showing your SafeContractor certificate instead of completing health and safety paperwork for all customers.
  • SafeContractor provides peace of mind that you’re able to demonstrate your health and safety compliance to customers.
  • There is a whole host of other member benefits such as discounts on materials, insurance, energy, free health and safety and legal advice, and more.

Visit for more details.

What if I don’t want to join SafeContractor?2022-03-09T09:46:56+00:00

From 1 December 2021 we will require all our site-based construction, facilities, sub-contractors to be registered with Alcumus.

This decision was made following a rigorous review of our internal processes and the market place for such accreditations.

What information is required?2022-03-09T09:46:08+00:00

SafeContractor works to the SSIP 14-point criteria, though there may be additional questions for SafePQQ, for example, these include health and safety policy, risk assessments and insurances.

This is tailored to your business so you will not be asked unnecessary questions. Templates and guidance can be provided for all of this if you do not have it readily available.

SafeContractor’s team of 50+ in-house technical experts are on hand to support suppliers throughout the accreditation process.

What is SafeContractor?2022-03-09T09:49:27+00:00

SafeContractor delivers a tailored accreditation, allowing suppliers to demonstrate that their health and safety documentation is up to date and meets recognised industry standards.

SafePQQ is an extension of the SafeContractor health and safety accreditation that verifies commitment to best practice, covering: Quality, Environment, Modern Slavery, GDPR etc.

What is Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP)?2022-03-09T09:45:09+00:00

The SafeContractor accreditation is based on Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP).

SSIP is the mutual recognition scheme for occupational health and safety standards.

SSIP is committed to ensure reduction in health and safety assessment costs and bureaucracy in the supply chain, by making cross-recognition between member schemes as effective as possible.

Learn More

Why am I being asked to join?2022-03-08T13:42:18+00:00

Mitie is legally required to demonstrate that suppliers comply with legislation for topics like health and safety and ethical issues.

  • Mitie is adopting SafeContractor to increase visibility and access to Health and Safety documentation, qualifications and insurances.
  • This will allow our suppliers to gain site access.
Why is Mitie adopting the SafeContractor accreditation?2022-03-08T13:42:06+00:00


  • Enable Mitie to manage our contractor health and safety obligations more efficiently;
  • Provide access to a range of contractors, both from a skills and geographical perspective;
  • Provide Portal access to assist in managing contractors on an on-going basis;
  • Support the ability to make risk-based decisions when appointing a new contractor.
How much does it cost to join SafeContractor?2022-03-17T07:41:27+00:00

The cost depends on the number of employees and subcontractors that you have, the SafeContractor team will find the best approach for your business.


Do I need to provide data or information to SAP?2022-05-13T13:47:24+00:00

No, if you are a live supplier with us in Oracle then you will be set up in SAP already an no further information is required currently.

Is every Supplier being given access to the Mite Supplier Portal (MSP)?2022-06-21T11:10:12+00:00

Initially high-volume Suppliers who carry out subcontracted work for Mitie Technical Services will be given access on Monday, 4th of July 2022, with additional Suppliers being onboarded after go live.

Do I need new POs for existing work or orders?2022-05-13T13:47:18+00:00

No, all existing PO numbers have been transferred and may be invoiced against.

Why do I need to start using the Mitie Supplier Portal?2022-06-21T09:07:44+00:00

The Mitie Supplier Portal will provide you with end-to-end access to enable real time Job Management right through to Application for Payments. Further benefits are detailed on this website. Whilst we know this may be a big change for you – we’re here to help.

I submitted an invoice recently and it has been rejected, what do I do?2022-05-13T13:47:13+00:00

If you submitted an invoice over our system cutover period (28th March – 4th April) and it has been rejected automatically, we apologise. Please resubmit your invoice to

[email protected]

If the rejection was prior, please contact our Account Payable as normal [email protected]

When do we need to start using the Mitie Supplier Portal?2022-06-21T11:09:12+00:00

We will start allocating work orders to you with effect from Monday, 4th of July 2022. As part of the implementation of this upgrade to our Mitie Supplier Portal, you would have received communications and training invites to provide you with an overview of your responsibilities.

Who in my organisation needs access?2022-06-21T09:10:50+00:00

Those responsible for Job Management and or Application for payment processes, this could be the same person or different individuals. The processing of e2e work order flow will be conducted on the portal and those that are involved in either of these processes need to access. Please ensure you send the correct representative for your Company for each of the training sessions.

I have received an ‘emergency manual PO’ recently, what do I do and how do I invoice?2022-05-13T13:47:09+00:00

Please carry out work or fulfil an order as normal. Over our system cutover (28th March – 4th April), emergency and priority POs were raised following our standard business continuity processes. These POs will be re-raised in SAP and can be invoiced against as normal.

What format and prefixes do POs have?2022-05-13T13:47:03+00:00

An example format of a PO can be found here SAP PO (example). Please ensure that any automated PO software filters are updated.

Mitie Technical Services POs will usually have the prefixes: 51, 53. (Some exceptions may exist)

Service Order numbers (SAP financial references which are not POs) will start with ‘21’

How do I access the Mitie Supplier Portal?2022-06-21T09:22:19+00:00

The CAFM system used by Mitie is Maximo 7.6 and will be referred to a Mitie Supplier Portal (MSP), it is a web-based application and there is no need to download any software.

You will receive a link to MSP in addition to your login details upon completion of the guided training. As part of the Communications issued on 25th May, you will have been asked to request a log in for each individual within your organisation who will require access. Along with Microsoft Teams training invites for dates in June. These invites will cover a choice of dates for Job Management (JM) training, the other will provide options for Application for Payment (AFP) training, covering how you invoice Mitie going forward.

The log in request form is here

Login Request Form

When will annual POs be raised?2022-05-13T13:46:54+00:00

Annual purchase orders will be raised at the start of April. If you do not receive an expected annual PO please contact your Mitie Account Manager.

Who do I contact if I require any further information?2022-06-21T09:24:33+00:00

We encourage you to attend the guided training sessions as all the information required will be provided and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Upon go-live, a Post Go Live Support Team will be available for any questions or queries you may have, we will offer assistance and refresher training to ensure everyone feels confident in their usage of the system.

How do I submit Consolidated Invoices?2022-05-13T13:46:58+00:00

Instead of Oracle PN codes and/or Portfolio codes, please use SAP Service Order (SO) or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) codes instead and submit as usual.

Who can I contact for help?2022-05-13T13:46:49+00:00

For order or invoicing help please contact [email protected]

Please contact Procurement for contract or account help [email protected]

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