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Maximo FAQs

Why do I need to start using the Mitie Supplier Portal?2022-07-11T15:08:12+00:00

The Mitie Supplier Portal will provide you with end-to-end access to enable real time Job Management right through to Application for Payments. Further benefits are detailed on this website.

When do we need to start using the Mitie Supplier Portal?2022-07-11T15:20:31+00:00

On Monday 4th July 2022 we started allocating work orders to our suppliers. As part of the implementation of this upgrade to our Mitie Supplier Portal, you would have received communications and training invites to provide you with an overview of your responsibilities.

Who in my organisation needs access?2022-07-11T15:04:47+00:00

Those responsible for Job Management and or Application for payment processes, this could be the same person or different individuals. The processing of e2e work order flow will be conducted on the portal and those that are involved in either of these processes need to access.

How do I access the Mitie Supplier Portal?2023-12-07T14:25:02+00:00

The CAFM system used by Mitie is Maximo 7.6 and will be referred to a Mitie Supplier Portal (MSP), it is a web-based application and there is no need to download any software.

Please use this link to access the Portal:

How do I request a login?2023-12-07T14:14:34+00:00

An individual request is required for anyone planning to use the portal.

The log in request form is here, for most users (see exception below) :

Who do I contact if I require any further information?2022-07-11T15:01:31+00:00

A Post Go Live Support Team will be available for any questions or queries you may have. Please contact us on 0161 696 2075


What if my Work order reference is not found on the Portal ?2023-01-20T09:45:02+00:00

Please ensure you are using the Advanced Search function.  More Details can be found here : How to use the Maximo 7.6 Subcontractor Portal – Portal Navigation | Mitie Suppliers  If still not found please call the Mitie Supplier Portal Support Team

Which Mitie Entity does this apply to?2022-07-11T15:24:18+00:00

This is for all accounts in Mitie Technical Services Business.

The Work Order is not showing on the Application for Payment?2023-01-20T09:44:55+00:00

Please ensure you have completed the Work Order with all the relevant documentation and it has passed the 48 hour recall period.  Check both AFP types (SUBPO & SUBAFP).  If you are still unable to see the WO on the AFP, please refer to contact details for the Mitie Supplier Portal Support Team

Who do I contact with Portal issues, if I cannot find the answer on the Supplier Website?2023-01-20T09:44:50+00:00

Please call the Mitie Supplier Support Team on 0161 696 2075 (Monday to Friday 10 am until 2pm) or email the [email protected]

Will ‘parts only’ orders be raised through the Maximo Supplier Portal?2023-01-20T09:45:20+00:00

Yes, they will be. Delivery of parts should be recorded as an attendance – refer to training for steps for further guidance.

How do I perform bulk upload?2022-07-11T15:27:36+00:00

The bulk upload is coming soon, the teams are testing to ensure it works perfectly, keep an eye out on out communications as we will update as soon as it is available.

What is the maximum size of a document that can be uploaded onto the portal?2022-07-11T15:29:19+00:00


All jobs to be included in the portal – Reactive, PPM and insurance defects?2022-07-11T15:42:01+00:00

You will receive on the portal PPMs, reactive and quotes. The projects will not be on the portal.

How do I supply Mitie with a quote?2022-07-11T15:42:51+00:00

Attach copy of the quote onto the portal and close the job with the relevant completion reason. Once the quote has been approved a new work order will be raised and sent to you. (Exception for LBG Quote Process)

How often can we complete an AFP?2022-07-11T15:44:35+00:00

You can create multiple AFPs per day and can have multiple AFPs open at any one time.

Payment terms are from the date of the application or the date of the invoice?2022-07-11T15:45:17+00:00

We are not changing the agreed payment terms. Your invoices will continue to use the same payment terms as they do now.



Do we then send one invoice in for the full application or individual invoices per PO? 2022-07-11T16:08:51+00:00

Either process is suitable. Please see the below examples on how your invoice should look.

Where do we send our invoices?2022-07-11T16:08:39+00:00
Does this work via mobile?2022-07-11T16:08:22+00:00

The Supplier portal is not designed as an app for a mobile phone, but it can be accessed via a browser.

Can we create an application for different contracts with different rates?2022-07-11T16:08:15+00:00

Yes, this can be done on the same Application.

Could you please explain the meaning of each of the assignment status?2022-07-11T16:32:08+00:00
Who do I contact regarding a queried AFP?2022-09-22T09:57:07+00:00

Please email [email protected].

How should I invoice if I have a 25 or 51 PO?2022-10-12T12:13:15+00:00

If you’ve been provided with a 25 or 51 PO for your works, please make sure the job is completed on the Portal then invoice for the works directly by sending your invoice to [email protected]. These works will not appear on AFP unless the order is visible in the portal and is a 54 prefix.

How do I set up a correct password for access to the portal?2022-10-12T12:13:58+00:00

Please note that your username and password are case-sensitive and must follow below security requirements:

Password Rules
•    Minimum password length of 16 Characters
•    Max of 2 identical adjacent characters will be allowed in password
•    Must include Uppercase Character and can start or end with a uppercase character
•    Must include Lowercase Character and can start or end with a lowercase character
•    Must include a Number and can start and can start or end with a uppercase character or end with a number
•    Must include a Special Character (! @ # $ etc) and can start or end with a special character
•    Password cannot contain your logon ID

Security Rules
•    Initial password must be changed
•    3 login attempts allowed before user-ID locked
•    3 forgotten password attempts allowed before user-ID locked
•    90 days between password change
•    14 days warning before password expires
•    Password cannot be reused for 3 years

Do I need to provide data or information to SAP?2022-05-13T13:47:24+00:00

No, if you are a live supplier with us in Oracle then you will be set up in SAP already an no further information is required currently.

Do I need new POs for existing work or orders?2022-05-13T13:47:18+00:00

No, all existing PO numbers have been transferred and may be invoiced against.

I submitted an invoice recently and it has been rejected, what do I do?2022-05-13T13:47:13+00:00

If you submitted an invoice over our system cutover period (28th March – 4th April) and it has been rejected automatically, we apologise. Please resubmit your invoice to

[email protected]

If the rejection was prior, please contact our Account Payable as normal [email protected]

I have received an ‘emergency manual PO’ recently, what do I do and how do I invoice?2022-05-13T13:47:09+00:00

Please carry out work or fulfil an order as normal. Over our system cutover (28th March – 4th April), emergency and priority POs were raised following our standard business continuity processes. These POs will be re-raised in SAP and can be invoiced against as normal.

What format and prefixes do POs have?2022-05-13T13:47:03+00:00

An example format of a PO can be found here SAP PO (example). Please ensure that any automated PO software filters are updated.

Mitie Technical Services POs will usually have the prefixes: 51, 53. (Some exceptions may exist)

Service Order numbers (SAP financial references which are not POs) will start with ‘21’

When will annual POs be raised?2022-05-13T13:46:54+00:00

Annual purchase orders will be raised at the start of April. If you do not receive an expected annual PO please contact your Mitie Account Manager.

How do I submit Consolidated Invoices?2022-05-13T13:46:58+00:00

Instead of Oracle PN codes and/or Portfolio codes, please use SAP Service Order (SO) or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) codes instead and submit as usual.

Who can I contact for help?2022-05-13T13:46:49+00:00

For order or invoicing help please contact [email protected]

Please contact Procurement for contract or account help [email protected]

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