Dear Supplier

REF: Mitie Group Plc Coupa Procure to Pay Roll-out

In January we wrote to you to let you know Mitie is in the process of rolling out Coupa across the organisation.  We have already moved you to Coupa for both managing your supplier details and managing your contracts.

We are now starting the deployment for Coupa Procure to Pay. Coupa is a Global E-Procurement platform, which enables both your organisation and Mitie to exchange Purchase Orders and Invoices electronically. The platform provides you with access to the Coupa Supplier Portal, where you can see all Purchase Orders that we, and indeed any of your other customers who use Coupa, send you.  You will submit invoices to Mitie through this portal, against which you will have visibility of their status.

Whilst we are aware that Your Organisation  may trade with Mitie on our other Procurement platforms, we have identified spend which shows that your organisation is in scope for this phase of the Coupa roll out.

As part of the preparation for that, we wanted to verify that we hold the correct contact information for Your Organisation as we will be sending you an invitation to join the Coupa Portal.  Towards the end of August 2022 you will also receive training and support resources, and in light of this we will be organising a call with you and the Mitie procurement team to understand specific needs you may have.

Today we have the following contact information for you in our records.  By August 21st, 2022 please confirm that this is correct:

  • Primary Contact Email (we will use this to contact you during the rollout):                       [email protected]
  • Purchase order Email (this is the default email to which new orders are sent):                 [email protected]
  • Coupa Supplier Portal Admin (Admin roles adds users and permissions):                        [email protected]
  • Remit to E-mail Address (address to which payment remittances are set):                          [email protected]

(if you already use Coupa with other customers, please provide the email address for your current administrator)

Thank you in advance for your prompt response, and if you do have any initial queries, there is lots of content on www.mitiesuppliers.com, but please feel free to reach out to the team using [email protected]

 Shaun Carroll

Chief Procurement Officer

Mitie Group Plc