Find your Invoice.

  • Select Invoices in the menu from the blue bar on top of the window.
  • Click on the Invoices tab.


* Please use Select Customer – Mitie Group Plc. on the right corner of the screen, to see all the Invoices for Mitie.

Click Create Credit Note.

The ‘Credit Note’ window will pop up.

  • Ensure that you select the radio button against ‘Resolve issue for invoice number’.
  • Select the invoice number that you are crediting.
  • Click ‘Continue’.

Credit Note.

It will ask, ‘How do you want to correct invoice “1234” ?

  • Click ‘Completely cancel the invoice with a credit note’.
  • Click ‘Create’.

The Create Credit Note details screen is displayed.

Complete the ‘General Info’ section.

  • *Credit Note # – enter the credit note number.
  • *Credit Note Date – enter the credit note date.
  • *Credit Reason – enter the reason for the credit note.

Complete the ‘To’ section.

  • Buyer VAT IDVAT – Ensure Buyer VAT IDVAT is GB for UK.

Scroll down and complete the ‘Lines’ section.

  • The credit note has brought through lines from the invoice, and created a credit note
  • Check the below details are correct:

– Total VAT

– Net Total

– Gross Total

  • If all is correct, click ‘Submit’

The ‘ Are you ready to send?’ window will pop up.

  • If you are happy to continue, click ‘Send Credit Note’.

The Create Replacement Invoice window will pop up.

  • If you click ‘No’ you are taken back to the ‘Invoices’ screen.
  • You will see that the credit note that you have just created appears at the top of the list.

Milestone reached!

You can now Create & Send a Credit Note in CSP.

To access more Training material click here.