How to register and set-up the CSP

Coupa Supplier Portal (‘CSP’).

Coupa is the tool used by Mitie to maintain and amend existing Supplier details, raise Purchase Orders and receive Invoices/Credit Notes from our Suppliers. The CSP makes managing customers and transactions easy. This guide will cover How you can register your company on Coupa Supplier Portal to enable ease of maintaining your Company profile on CSP and transacting with Mitie on a regular basis.

Please keep in mind that if you didn’t receive an CSP invite from Mitie initially, you won’t be linked on Coupa with Mitie as your customer. 

There are multiple ways you can register on the CSP :

1. Mitie created CSP invite – (preferred method)

For suppliers in scope for using Coupa you will have received a Mitie CSP invitation with specific instructions and a proactive message. When you accept the invitation and create your account, you are automatically connected/linked to Mitie and ready to transact. CSP invites expire after 30 days.

(Step by step process below)

If you have not received a Mitie CSP invitation or it has expired, please email [email protected]

2. Self – Registration

You can set up your accounts ahead of time, add multiple users, set up your login preferences, and update your profile. Please not that Mitie will connect with you by sending an invitation email to main contact we hold on to our supplier master. However, if you are invited using a different email, that email can log in but will have to merge with the account that was set up ahead of time in order for all the supplier users to be on the same account and linked to the Mitie.

3. Forwarded invitation from a co-worker

You can easily invite others within your organization to the CSP by forwarding them your PO email notification or by sending them an invitation from the create account page. You end up with the right supplier user(s) linked to and transacting electronically through the CSP with less work.

4. Purchase order (PO) email.

You can create a CSP account without requiring an invitation if you use Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN) for receiving PO from Mitie. “Join CSP” button is available on each PO email received from Mitie.

Mitie created CSP invite – (preferred method)

– The Primary contact for your organisation will receive Mitie’s CSP invitation email.

  • If you are in scope for Mitie’s roll out of Coupa, you should have received a CSP invite shown below.

Note :

* The email address for registering your CSP account must be same as the one that the invite was sent to.

Create your business account

  • Once you click on ‘Join Coupa’ the below screen will open
  • You will see the email address populated
  • Create your memorable password (Use at least 8 characters and include a number and a letter)
  • Accept the Privacy Policy and T&Cs
  • You are now ready to ‘Get Started’

Tell us about your business

  • Complete the screen tell us about your company
  • Company name must be exactly as your registered name with Companies house
  • (Mandatory info is marked with a *) and click ‘Next’


(If the discounts page shows, update as required if not skip to the next section)

  • If you don’t offer discounts tick box my company does not offer discounts and click ‘Next’

Enhance your Coupa profile

  • Click ‘Do it later’ in the bottom right-hand corner

Customer Setup

  • Click ‘Edit your Setup’

Legal Entity Setup

  • The Legal Entity page opens
  • Click ‘Add Legal Entity’

Where’s your business located?

  • Enter the Legal Entity Name.
  • Complete the Country/Region information required relating to where your business is located?’.
  • Click ‘Continue’.

Note :

* The Legal Entity Name must be the registered company name and must be written in exactly the same format as it is registered at Companies House (eg. Ltd. or Limited).

Miscellaneous Information

  • Complete the Type of Company. (i.e. Ltd company/PLC) or other information as appropriate.
  • Board of Directors is not a mandatory field.
  • Click ‘Save & Continue’.

Tell your customers about your organisation

  • Select Which customers you want to see this.
  • Add What address do you invoice from?
  • Confirm What is your Tax ID?
  • Complete Miscellaneous, although it is not mandatory.
  • Click ‘Save & Continue’.

Note :

* When filling in the VAT ID complete it with country prefix for ie. GB or IE and the digits without any spaces. For eg.GB123456789.

Note :

* If your organisation does not have a Tax ID tick the box ‘I do not have a VAT/GST Number’ and another field will open up below against which you must capture either a UTR number or a National Insurance Number.

Note :

* You can Add Additional Tax IDs for eg. UK, IE etc.

Where do you want to receive payment?

Bank Account.

  • In the Payment Type, Select Bank Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Click ‘Save & Continue’.

Bank Account Details

Complete all the sections as required.

  • What are your Bank Account Details?
  • What is your Bank’s Branch Address?

Note :

* If you are an international organisation you are encouraged to complete your IBAN number.

Remit-To Details

Complete all the sections as required.

  • Who is your Remit-To Contact? (optional).
  • What is your Remit-To Address?
  • Click ‘Save & Continue’.

Where do you want to receive payment? (continued)

  • Verify that all details are correct and Click ‘Next’.

Where do you ship goods from?

  • Verify that all details are correct and Click ‘Done’.

Setup Complete

  • Click ‘Done’.

Milestone Reached!

You have now set up your CSP account.

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