Ukraine Border Tensions

We have been monitoring the tensions on the Russian and Ukrainian border. As the threat of potential conflict or sanctions increases, we ask that our suppliers re- assess the risk within your organisation and supply chains and notify your procurement lead of material change to your risk profile.

Action Required

We have highlighted some pertinent risks that we ask you review in your organisation and supply chain in light of the tensions.

Risk of Cyber Attack

Please ensure you maintain your Cyber Security Plus accreditation (as a minimum, and a condition to trade with Mitie where handling data), and ensure that, where required by Mitie additional cyber measures are in place.

Energy Security

Please ensure you engage with your energy and utilities providers to ensure your organisation is registered appropriately for supply prioritisation and on appropriate supply contracts to prevent interruption of supply.

Commodity Impacts

Please highlight any areas of supply or commercial risk to your procurement contact, including through the Supplier Management Framework process.