VAT Registration Number Update

Dear Suppliers

We write to inform you that with effect from 1 June 2023, the following companies will join the Mitie Group Plc VAT group.

This means that the VAT registration number of these companies will change from 362 8693 61 to 416 7066 54 with effect from 1 June 2023.

Mitie Entities with new VAT number 416 7066 54
Mitie FM Limited
Mitie (Defence) Limited
Mitie FS (UK) Limited
Mitie Catering Services Limited
Mitie Integrated Services Limited
Mitie Security (First) Limited
Mitie Security (Knightsbridge) Limited
Mitie Technical Services Limited
Mitie Environmental Services Limited
Mitiefm Services Limited
Maclellan International Limited
SSD UK Limited

VAT number 362 8693 61 will be deregistered with HM Revenue & Customs from 1 June 2023.

Please ensure that you update your master data records accordingly and ensure that the correct Mitie company VAT registration number is included on any relevant documents with effect from 1 June 2023. Any documents that include an incorrect Mitie company VAT registration number may cause delays or be rejected.

Please also note that it is expected to take HM Revenue & Customs some weeks, and perhaps months, to process the registration changes and issue Mitie with an up-to-date VAT group certificate to include the above Mitie companies. As a result, it is also likely to take some time before it is possible to validate the up-to-date VAT registration number with HM Revenue & Customs, noting, when a VAT registration number is validated on HMRC’s online service, the process will return a result to confirm the VAT registration number belongs to Mitie Group Plc, which is the representative member of the VAT group.

We trust that this keeps you appraised. Please get in touch with your usual Mitie contact if you have any questions in this regard.



Andrew Dance

Head of Tax, Group