Dear Supplier

REF: Mitie Group Plc Coupa Procure to Pay Phase 2 Roll-out – We are LIVE

In July we wrote to you to let you know Mitie was in the process of rolling out Coupa across the organisation. Today we go live.  We have already moved you to Coupa for managing your supplier details and managing your contracts and additionally for P2P for some of the business units with whom you trade. We hope that you have been taking advantage of the benefits that transacting via Coupa delivers to both Your Organisation and Mitie.

We are now Live for Coupa Procure to Pay Phase 2. This will bring the following Mitie business units with whom you transact in scope of Coupa – see list below

Coupa and Legacy Systems Purchase orders

During the initial phase there will be legacy Purchase Orders active in addition to the new Coupa Purchase Orders.

  • Coupa Purchase orders are pre-fixed with the company code shown below. They will be issued to you via Coupa email and will be visible in the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP.). You will invoice against these orders using the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) or Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN) or cXML where enabled, as you currently do today for our existing Coupa enabled business units.
  • Legacy SAP orders tend to be 10 digits usually commencing 45xxxxxxxx, please continue to send your invoices to the Mitie Workwise email on the purchase order.

In simple terms, if you receive a PO via Coupa, you will invoice via Coupa. All other invoices should be submitted as you do today.

Name Company Code
Mtie Limited A003
MITIE Tech Facilities Man C004
MPS (UK) Ltd – Western E011
Mitie Roofing Limited E014
Utilyx Ltd J007
Source Eight Limited J008
Mitie FM Limited N001
Mitie (Defence) Ltd N002
Mitie FS (UK) Ltd N003
MITIE Catering Svcs Ltd N004
Mitie Integrated Svcs Ltd N005
Mitie Security (1st) Ltd N006
Mite Sec (Kbridge) Ltd N007
Mitie Tech Services Ltd N008
Mitie Env Svcs Ltd N009
Maclellan Int Ltd N010
Mitiefm Services Limited N011


Important Construction Industry Scheme changes:

If you are a Mitie supplier, subject to the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and are using Coupa to submit invoices.

We have changed the way CIS related invoices are managed in Coupa. Key changes include:

    • Addition of new field to indicate if the invoice is for services that are in/out of scope of CIS.
    • Addition of new field to capture the labour cost of the service.

Please refer to Suppliers Under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) for guidance on the CIS process and your obligations as a supplier to HMRC and Mitie.

Webinar – We are continuing to hold webinars during the week of October 17th; if you need an invitation, please let us know. We will also load a pre-recorded video on our Supplier website, here you will also find a range of documents, including FAQs and ‘how to’ guides..

We really need your support to make this transition a success for you, so our Supplier Enablement Team is focused on making the transition as easy as possible.

Should you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to contact our Supplier Enablement Team at [email protected]  

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Mitie Group plc

Supplier Enablement Team