Mitie’s new Digital Supplier Platform for Source to Pay (S2P).

Mitie is rolling out a Digital Supplier Platform (DSP) to enable digitisation of the Source to Pay (S2P) process.

Coupa is a leading cloud-based e-commerce spend management tool. It allows us to connect directly with our suppliers and creating a more efficient way of working.

It is being used to onboard new suppliers, as well as to maintain and amend existing supplier details.

Suppliers must be set up on Coupa and can use the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) to do business with Mitie

Benefits of Coupa

Suppliers can use Coupa through the CSP. Some advantages of using the CSP are mentioned below:

Real time updates

Interact with us on Coupa throughout the whole process from Sourcing to Payment through comments.

Supplier Data

Online functionality to maintain or change relevant accreditations and insurances required by Mitie.


An easy way to update and store supplier information so customers can continue to do business with their suppliers.

Best Practices

Improved business practises and policies via a new Supplier Maintenance and Supplier Information Management (SIM) system.

Free to Use

No installation of hardware or software is required, and the service incurs no fee for you to pay.

Cloud system

Access it from anywhere, on any device like your Desktop, Laptop/Tablets or Smart Phones.

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Coupa Modules

The Coupa functionalities used by Mitie are listed below. Each of these four modules are interactive:

Source to Contract (S2C)

Coupa eSourcing and eAuctions tools enable Suppliers to interact online with Mitie during the Sourcing and eAuction process.

The Sourcing module supports both RFX and auction-type events and can create follow-on events to open new rounds of information collection and/or competitive bidding if necessary.

All communication is handled through the system and the collected information is stored in the event for traceability.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Coupa Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables Mitie to set up and manage contracts online. 

Ability to invite suppliers to collaborate/negotiate directly in the system. An easy experience enabled by templates and contract type specific fields​. Facilitates interactive e-signing by the supplier.

These contracts can now be stored, amended and renewed in Coupa using Contract Management.

Supplier Maintenance (SMT)

Coupa is used by Mitie to onboard new suppliers, undertake validation checks to ensure our suppliers meet our minimum standards and to update, amend and maintain information like Bank Details, Remit To Address, Insurance documents etc. for existing Suppliers.

If you are new supplier being onboarded and need help with the New Supplier Information Request Form please refer to the How to Guide below. Existing suppliers who need to update Bank Details / Remit-To Address, Insurance documents please email [email protected]

Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Coupa is Mitie’s new Purchase to Pay (P2P) system and changes the way we do business with our suppliers. Making it more efficient and effective, delivering simpler invoicing process and improved visibility of payments.

As part of this we are introducing a new way for you to submit and manage your invoices and credit notes. We recommend using the CSP to: Manage your company information; Configure your company PO transmission preferences; View all POs; and Create electronic invoices & credit notes.

New Suppliers

Coupa is used by Mitie to onboard new suppliers and undertake validation checks to ensure our suppliers meet our minimum standards.

Once identified as a suitable supplier your Mitie contact will email you a New Supplier Information Request (NSIR) form, to be completed and returned.

Please refer to our  How to complete the Mitie New Supplier Information Request(NSIR) Form guide.

On approval, you will receive an email Invite from Coupa to join the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).

Please address any queries to [email protected]

Coupa has lots of useful supplier information, check it out

Existing Suppliers

Coupa should be used to manage your company information and submit your invoices.


Suppliers wishing to update their Bank Details/Remit-To address, Insurance documents etc. will need to send an email to [email protected]. Any updates you need to make to your supplier record must be submitted via the CSP. Mitie does not review any data or information stored in legacy systems. Our suppliers need to ensure all required data is correct and available in Coupa – this is required to do business with Mitie.

Please refer to the How to update Bank Details / Remit-To Address as a Supplier guide.

Log in to the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) to update your details and submit your invoices.

Traning & FAQs

For help with how to use Coupa, please visit our Using Coupa page here.

If you have a question regarding Coupa and the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), please check out the Coupa FAQs.

If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact [email protected]