Coupa Supplier Portal (‘CSP’).

Mitie use Coupa to onboard new suppliers as well as to maintain and amend existing Supplier details. This How to Document” assumes the supplier is already onboarded and they have contacted Mitie requesting a bank details / remit to address update. The remit to address is normally the suppliers registered address but can be a suppliers address for payments if different. Mitie can only hold one Remit to address per supplier account and must match our vendor master records. 

How to request an update to your banking details or remit to address.   

(If you have been sent a notification to update your details, go to step2) 

Any supplier wishing to update their bank details / Remit to Address will need to:

1) Send an email to the supplier maintenance inbox ([email protected]) requesting an update to their bank details or remit to address

2) Supplier Maintenance will respond to your email confirming they will send you a Bank/ Remit to Address Details Update Form 


Only suppliers who are fully onboarded can update their bank details.  

If the supplier is in progress or not onboarded to Coupa, this must take place first. This training material assumes the supplier is fully onboarded and available in Coupa 

Receive email confirming request for Bank details / Remit to address update.

You will receive an email confirming you have requested a bank detail / Remit to address update which will prompt you to login to the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).

  • Click on the Update Profile button to be re-directed to the CSP to login.

Login to the Coupa Supplier Portal.

The login details will be the details you used when you originally logged in to the CSP.

Find the Notification

  • Under the Notifications section, a notification will be visible requesting an update to your profile. Click on the notification.

Bank Details / Remit To Update Form

  • The Bank details / Remit to address update form will be displayed for you to change your bank details.  

Confirm if you are a UK or Non-UK based Supplier.

  • Click the drop down to determine if you are a UK or Non-UK supplier. 

Your current bank details and remit to address will be displayed under the Remit-To Address section.

  • Please click the Active drop down and select Inactive’. Mitie does not accept multiple bank details per supplier.   

Add Remit-To 

  • Scroll further down and click Add Remit-To

Create New Remit-To Address

The option to create a new remit to address will appear and any previous remit to addresses will be visible.  

  • Click Create New Remit To-Address 

Where is your business located?

  • Under the section Where is your business located? Select your legal entity name and country 

Miscellaneous Information?

  • Under the section Miscellaneous Information add Type of Company. The legal entity and region will be defaulted from the previous page.Note: Depending on the country/region chosen, more mandatory information may be required in this section.

Tell your customers about your organisation

  • Under the section Tell your customers about your organisation scroll to the bottom of the screen and add details to What address do you invoice from section.You can enter a new address or click the drop down under Use an existing address. This will auto fill the address fields.The address can be used for the Remit To and Ship from address

What is your Tax ID?

  • Under What is your Tax ID, add you VAT ID

Note: Coupa will validate the format but will not validate the actual ID

  • Scroll to the bottom and click Save & Continue

Payment Type?

  • Payment type: use the drop down to select bank accountUnder Where do you want to receive payment section add your new bank detailsBank Account Country/Region, Bank Account Currency and Beneficiary Name will be defaulted from the previously entered details. UK requires Bank Name, Bank Account and Sort Code.Non-UK supplier will require different banking details depending on the country.

What is your branch address?

  • Scroll down and complete the details under What is your branch address?

What is your Remit-To Address?

  • This will be defaulted if you have checked the box Use this address for remit-to in section 11. If this box is not checked, add new remit-to details.
  • Click Save & Continue. Coupa will verify the information

Where do you want to receive payment?

This page is a snapshot of the Remit-To Account and Remit-To Address.

  • Click Next

Where do you ship goods from?

A snapshot of the ship from address

  • Click Done

Click Done

Set Up Complete

  • Click Add Now

New Remit-To Details

Coupa will return to the Update bank details form and the new bank details will be displayed under a new Remit-To Address.  

 All the details added in the CSP will be defaulted to the form.  


Submit for Approval

Choose from the drop-down Company Bank Account or Factoring Agent. This will be defaulted from your original entry.

Attach a supporting document. The previous document will be defaulted here. Mousing over the doc will allow it to be deleted and a new one added.

It’s crucial this document is a signed, company letter headed paper confirming the bank details. If not, the form will be rejected.

Please check your form fully,

Please note you should only have the Inactive Remit to address section and the new remit to address section on your form. If you have more, please use the delete button to delete these extra sections.

  • Click Submit for Approval



Pending Approval

The form is now with Mitie in Pending Approval status. Mitie will review the details and make a telephone call to your company to verify the bank detail


If your details are not accepted by Mitie, you will receive 2 emails.

Email 1 is informing you submitted was not approved.

  • Clicking Update Info will take you to the Bank Details Update form.

Email 2 is the comments stating why the information submitted was not approved.

  • You can go back and forth with Mitie with comments by clicking the Respond button.

The Bank Details Update form will be open for edit so you can edit any details and re-submit.


If your details are approved, you will receive and email confirming the information you have submitted has been approved

Applied, Update Complete.

The Bank Details Update form will be in Applied status.

Nothing further is required, and the bank details update is complete.

Milestone Reached!

That completes your Bank/Remit-To details update and you will be ready to receive payments from Mitie with the updated details.


Further Support for the Coupa Supplier Portal

To access more Training material on How to start using the Coupa Supplier Portal click here.