Coupa Supplier Portal (‘CSP’).

Mitie use Coupa to onboard new suppliers as well as to maintain and amend existing Supplier details. 

All suppliers onboarded to Mitie must provide insurance details. These are Employers Liability, Public/Product Liability and Professional Liability. Mitie keep a record of these insurance and expiry dates. If one of your insurances is about to lapse, Mitie will send a request asking for updated details.

Alternatively, if you wish to contact Mitie to request an update to your insurances, please email [email protected] requesting they send an insurance update form.  Supplier Maintenance will respond to your email confirming. This How to Document” assumes the supplier is already onboarded and they have contacted Mitie requesting a insurance details update.

How to request an update to your Insurance details.   

(If you have been sent a notification to update your details, go to step2)

Any supplier wishing to update their Insurance details will need to:

1) Send an email to the supplier maintenance inbox ([email protected]) requesting an update to their Insurance details.

2) Supplier Maintenance will respond to your email confirming they will send you a Insurance Details Update Form 


  • Only suppliers who are fully onboarded can update their Insurance details.  
  • If the supplier is in progress or not onboarded to Coupa, this must take place first. This training material assumes the supplier is fully onboarded and available in Coupa 

Receive email confirming request for Insurance details update.

You will receive an email confirming you have requested a Insurance details update which will prompt you to login to the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).

  • Click on the Update Profile button to be re-directed to the CSP to login.

Login to the Coupa Supplier Portal.

The login details will be the details you used when you originally logged in to the CSP.

Find the Notification

Under the Notifications section, a notification will be visible requesting an update to your profile.

  • Click on the notification to Update Profile.

Insurance Details Update Form

  • The Insurance details update form will be displayed for you to Update existing Insurance details previously provided/Add New Insurance Details.  

Update existing Insurance details previously provided.

If you have provided Insurance details previously, some of the information you have provided to Mitie will be pre-populated in the Insurance Form.

The Dates and Attachment document you originally provided will be automatically populated.

If you are to update existing insurance details due to a change/renewal you must

  • Update the ‘Expiry Date’. This must match the insurance documents.
  • Remove existing documents by clicking on the next to the attachment
  • Add under*Attachments’ the new/updated Insurance certificates by clicking on File


  • Please do not submit amended details with the old insurance documents.
  • If the Expiry Dates don’t match the Insurance certificate, Mite will reject and ask for an amendment.
  • If you are only updating one of your insurances, you do not need to attach new documentation or amend end dates on the other insurances you are not updating. Simply answer the Yes/No questions and submit.

Add New Insurance Details 

If you have not previously provided any insurance details to Mitie, you must complete the form for all 3 insurances. Employers Liability, Public/Product Liability and Professional Liability.

Under the Insurance category you want to add. For eg.

If you don’t hold these Insurances and have answered No to any of them

  • Please state the reason in *Why do you not have Employers Liability / Public/Product Liability / Professional Liability insurance?

Note: Not holding any or all of these Insurances will result in assessment from Mitie Group Insurance.

Insurance Coverage

If Yes

  • Add the *Expiry Date’.
  • Add under ‘*Attachments’ the Insurance certificates by clicking on File


These must match the insurance documents. If these dates don’t match, Mite will reject and ask for an amendment.

  • If you have answered No to the Mitie required insurance levels, you will be asked to state the value of the coverage.
  • You must add a numerical currency value. (example – £5,000,000.000).

Note: Not having the Mitie guidelines level of Insurance coverage will result in assessment from Mitie Group Insurance.


Select from Yes/No

You must state if any claims have been made against the policy. If the answer is Yes, this may be subject to further assessment from Mitie Group Insurance

This process should be repeated for all the insurance details. Complete the rest of the insurance update document. All the questions are the same for the 3 insurance requirements.

Submit For Approval

  • Once completed, click Submit for Approval.
  • You can Save at any time and come back to the form.
  • If you click Decline, Mitie will be informed, and you may be blocked as a supplier.

Pending Approval

Once submitted, the insurance form will be sent to Mitie for Review.


If the insurance update form is rejected by Mitie for any reason, you will receive two emails.

1st email informs you of the rejected.

  • You can login to the CSP via the Update Info button

The 2nd email will be to provide the comments as to why the insurance update form has been rejected.

  • You can go back and forth with Mitie by clicking the Respond button

You are also able to login to the CSP to make the required amendments and submit back to Mitie.


Once Mitie approve your insurance updates, you will receive and email confirming the information you have submitted has been approved.

Milestone Reached!

That completes your Insurance Details Update and you are now ready to transact with Mitie as usual with the new updated details.


Further Support for the Coupa Supplier Portal

To access more Training material on How to start using the Coupa Supplier Portal click here.