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Upgrade from Maximo 7.5 to Maximo 7.6 – enabling a stress-free service by combining trusted data with industry leading tools and processes.

Mitie Technical Services (TS) is the largest division with circa 8,000 employees servicing 2.5 million assets of our 250+ customers.

Transforming Customer Service

TS has embarked on a transformation programme called Project Forte, focused on transforming customer service delivery, processes, technology, people and culture within Mitie TS, with the aim of ‘being the clear leader in providing technical services to UK businesses and the employer of choice in our industry’. ​

Improve workflow

Improve the way we work with each other, creating a seamless experience from the start of a work order to the billing stage.

Centralising processes

Technical Services Operations Centre (TSOC) will be the command centre of the Technical Services Supply Chain, responsible for commissioning and validating all work orders. Centralising this activity will enable our full work order process and ways of working to be standardised and simplified.

Whilst not all suppliers are the same, Mitie’s New Ways of Working will impact all. Below you will see how we have categorised our supplier base:

Supplier Type/Category Definition
Direct Subcontractor (Labour) Supplier contracted by Mitie(or nominated by Mitie’s client to provide labour/services to Mitie’s clients.
Direct Supplies (Parts/Consumables) Supplier contracted by Mitie to provide equipment/consumables to Mitie’s clients.
Indirect Supplier contracted by Mitie to provide goods/services to Mitie.

You will soon receive communication confirming which group you have been categorised into. Based on the clients supported, and spectrum of goods and/or services supplied, some suppliers will fall into more than one category.


Maximo 7.6 Supplier Portal Maximo 7.6 Via Helpdesk
(Non Supplier Portal )
  Real time ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ of work order requests.
  Increased visibility of job requirements (e.g SLAs, site opening times).
  Ability to review all jobs in real time.
  Manual Query (helpdesk, email etc.)
  Centralised access to resolve job queries.
  Make Bulk Updates to Work Orders.
  Full control over job status.
  Access to upload required documents directly on to the Work Order.
  Manage your own uplift requests.
  Ability to access and update ‘asset records’ for customers.
  Access all PO numbers for your work orders.
  Ability to submit itemised costs.
  Resolve your own invoice queries.
  Increased control over invoice approval.
  Less waiting time for payment approvals.


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