Digital Supplier Platform

Coupa the new digital foundation of Mitie’s Source to Pay

We’re changing how we work with you

Supplier Onboarding – Coupa is Coming!

Mitie is implementing a Digital Supplier Platform (DSP) to enable digitisation of the purchase-to-pay process aka Source to Pay (S2P) in Q1 2022.

Coupa is a leading cloud-based e-commerce spend management tool which will allow Mitie to connect directly with our suppliers to create a more efficient way of working.  

It will be used to onboard new suppliers, as well as to maintain and amend existing supplier details. Suppliers must be set up on Coupa to do business with Mitie.

Once launched for Supplier Onboarding and Supplier Maintenance, Coupa will facilitate: 

  • End to end Supplier onboarding and supplier data maintenance with online functionality to maintain / change relevant accreditations and insurances required by Mitie; 
  • Streamlined and automated way of working via a new Supplier Onboarding and Supplier Information Management (SIM) system;
  • Provides suppliers with an easy way to update and store their information so their customers can continue to do business with their suppliers; and
  • Improved business practises and policies.

No installation of hardware or software is required, and the service incurs no fee for you to pay. 

What happens next? 

Existing Suppliers 

All legacy onboarding  systems will be retired and existing Suppliers will be migrated onto the Coupa platform.  Any updates you need to make to your supplier record must be submitted via the Coupa Supplier Portal (‘CSP’).

All existing suppliers will be invited to join the CSP. When you receive the invitation, click on the link contained in the invitation to complete your registration. Registering for the CSP is easy and should take just a few minutes to complete.

Please note: Mitie will no longer review any data or information stored in legacy systems. It is up to you, our suppliers, to ensure all required data is available in Coupa – This is required to do business with Mitie.

New Suppliers

All new supplier requests and any supplier changes will be processed and maintained in Coupa. Should a supplier be selected to work with Mitie, the supplier will receive a notification from Coupa to join the Coupa Supplier Platform (CSP). This will allow Suppliers to complete the new supplier form in Coupa.

Forms should be completed in a timely manner. You will receive automated reminders from Coupa to complete the form but  should it not be completed within 30 days, the form will be cancelled and we will be unable to complete the onboarding process.

Once the initial onboarding process is complete, supplier details and certifications can also be updated.

Please address any queries to [email protected].

Mitie have chosen one of the industry leading S2P platforms Coupa, as our solution. Mitie’s Procurement will become more automated with greater control of which suppliers it engages.

This will include:

  • Source to Contract (S2C)
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Supplier Onboarding
  • Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Source to Contract (S2C)

Coupa eSourcing and eAuctions tool enable Suppliers to interact online with the Sourcing and Auction process.

The Sourcing module supports both RFX-type and auction-type events.

Create follow-on events to open new rounds of information collection or competitive bidding if necessary.

All communication is handled through the system and the collected information is stored in the event for traceability.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Enables Mitie to set up and manage contracts online in Coupa.

  • ​​​​​​An easy experience enabled by templates and contract type specific fields​.
  • Ability to invite suppliers to collaborate/negotiate directly in the system​.
  • Interactive e-signing by the supplier​.

Supplier Onboarding & Health

Coupa replaces Tradex for Onboarding our Suppliers.

Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Coupa is Mitie’s new Source to Pay (S2P) system and will change the way we do business with all our suppliers, making it more efficient and effective, bringing in simpler invoicing and better visibility of payments.

As part of this we will be introducing a new way for you to submit and managing  your invoices.

Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)  – Electronic Invoice

CSP allows you to see all your Purchase Orders from Mitie and submit electronic invoices by “flipping” straight from the PO.

  • Once a purchase request has been approved in Coupa, a Purchase Order (PO) is created and emailed to you and at the same time it can be found in your Coupa Supplier Portal account.
  • All invoices submitted via CSP will be processed electronically through Coupa and vendors will have visibility of the invoice status as it moves through the approval process.

Benefits of CSP

  1. Improved communications with Mitie via a live, online channel that can be accessed via mobile devices if required. Questions can be raised on specific PO / Invoices.
  2. This is a completely FREE service with no cost to you at all.
1Electronic PO Processing
> Automated, streamlined but fully audible and controlled processes​
> Reduces manual activities​
> Key accounting information contained within Coupa to reduce manual errors
2Electronic Invoice Processing> Digital workflows will replace manual process​
> Automated controls​
> Benefits for suppliers – real-time visibility of status of invoice, stream-lining dispute management process​
> Facilitates early payment discounts